Thursday, June 16, 2011

The bulky thighs are a dead giveaway

Guy from Louisiana on tour today: "Are you a cycler?" (maybe he said "cyclister")

Me: "Yes, actually, I am."

Guy: "I could tell."


I hate it when customers point out to me that I have big legs (that's where the guy's eyes were pointing when he asked this question). It's not like I don't know already. It's not like I'm not already aware that, though the rest of me is a size 2 or 4, jeans are designed for muscle-less women, so I instead stuff my legs into 8s, and sometimes those don't even fit.

Am I self-conscious about this? Hell no. I will wear whatever I please because, fuck it, DC is hot in the summer, and when it's 97 degrees and humid, I don't give three shits what anyone thinks.


The other day, a (male) friend of mine looked down past my shorts and went "Woah. Massive legs."

My friend, while I love him, is not the most tactful human on the planet, so I would like to point out to the men of the world that it is NOT a good idea to point out to a woman that ANY part of her is larger than average, even if you mean it as a compliment. Saying, "Hey, you (or, if you're bold: "your legs") look great in those shorts!" is fine. Saying, "Hey, you have big legs" is not. You might as well call the girl "thunder thighs," kick her in the face, and walk away. It has about the same effect.

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