Sunday, February 8, 2009

This weekend, summarized in epiphanies, observations, and realizations

1) I want to go to Cape Breton.

2) I'd like to re-string my violin and start playing it again.

3) I want to learn how to clog/do jigs/etc.

4) Applications for a Fulbright to Canada and applications to grads program north of the 49th parallel (probably in Canadian studies with a focus on either music or US-Canada relations) will be happening next year. Anybody wanna guess where I'd like to spend a large chunk of my time?

5) I can't dance (that's actually a re-realized epiphany). Though I like the music that accompanies #3 so much that I'm hoping it would help.

6) Every time I read the Post, I get a sinking feeling about having to move back to the States with the current economy.

7) Garlic fingers with donair sauce (Maritime specialty!) accompanied with sangria is just about the best late-night meal in the history of ever.

8) I can actually hold my liquor, I just need to eat something.

9) Theatrical pieces that need to be explained have dubious artistic merit, even if the acting is excellent (at least in my opinion--maybe I'm just not cool enough to understand them. Could be 'cause they're postmodern...).

10) I need to find something to do/make up my mind regarding plans for reading break.

11) "Reading break" seems to be a misnomer to the students, though not to the profs.

12) (Not to get overly nostalgic or anything) The best memories really do lie in the little things. Like your great-great uncle who came to Christmas Day with lots of dollar bills in tow, and every grandchild got one. Or the coloring contests that your family had every summer. Or the time you met someone doing handstands in the hallway. Or going pottery painting on a damp summer evening. Or deciding that chai, sandwiches, and 10 Things I Hate About You was the best plan for a Saturday night.

13) There is a woman/actress out there who has my name. She looks like this:

Thank you, Google. "Rachel Cannon" seems like a very bland name for a glamourous blond actress...I'd change it if I were her, especially since there seem to be about 7 million people by that name in this world.


  1. Oh, how I miss grilled cheese (havarti with dill and) and apple sandwiches because we're too lazy to cook/can't for our lives cook, except pancakes (do NOT drink the maple syrup, Rachel Cannon!) that is, and a cheesey 90's movie. Cuddlefest when we both come "home," ok? Also, I promise to update my blog soon; you'll hear all about my family vacatipn and the new exchange students. love.

  2. I thought those sandwiches were delicious! Could just be because we hadn't eaten a proper meal in....well, awhile. My usual TDR fare of french fries and a pile of vegetarian gook probably didn't count.

    And excuuuuse me if maple syrup makes me hyper and liable to drink things that I shouldn't.