Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Civil War statues tours if I could write them my way:

Although most historical records suggest that Meade was, in fact, a bit of a priggish asshat, he did win the Battle of Gettysburg. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, forever laboring under the delusion that it is more awesome than it really is, decided that DC needed a big, stupid statue of Meade. So they handed over money that could have been spent feeding the poor to hire someone to carve a statue. But nothing happened for 12 years because the people running our country are also priggish asshats who don't like to actually do anything.

Eventually they hired someone, who carved a big stupid statue of Meade. Flanking Meade are lots of statues reflecting arbitrary qualities he probably didn't have. Behind Meade is a statue of War with an indescribably huge and phallic sword. It seems that the sculptor was suggesting that Meade's skill in battle was really just compensation for something else. The statue has been moved three times because it is big and stupid.

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