Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oink oink...panic!

So after my second trip in a week to the San Jose airport in Costa Rica today, after seeing EVERY customs officer wearing a mask, I'm so glad to read articles like this that actually seem to make some sense. As I was waiting for my plane in Houston on the 27th, I saw that 65 people in the USA had fallen ill with swine flu. Today, the count is up to 120 with ONE death. 120? Really? I realize that Mexico has something to worry about, but...come on. The above article mentions that the greatest effect was economic...I'm certain there could be a really intensive series of studies done on the affects of panic on societies. I guess there's a reason I don't work for the WHO or the CDC, but it seems to me that methods of prevention that aim on not inducing panic would be slightly more effective. Masks are just creepy looking and they freak me out...

In better news, I found myself (along with my two friends) riding in the back of a truck twice today. We were headed to and back from hiking around a waterfall, and the trucks stopped, honked, picked us up and drove us down the road. I just love the fact that several SUV's (Mitsubishi seems big here) drove by us, and the car that actually stopped was the beat-up pick up truck with piles of fruit in the back...

As always, there's more that I could say, but my time here so far has been amazing. We're headed off to Tortuguero tomorrow to hike some more and play in the Caribbean Sea...though perhaps minus the last part, seeing as apparently the water is riddled with sharks and riptides.

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