Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Food discoveries of the week

Butter tarts! With raisins! I found these cute little pies at dessert and asked the girl I was with what they were. She suggested they were butter tarts--and having never had one and not being one to pass up trying any food that has "butter" in the name, I took one. Then when I went back for late night (an awesome 2-hour period wherein the meal hall reopens and serves all sorts of delicious things--tonight was a mussel bar), I took another one. I've often thought that something pecan pie-ish without the pecans would be delicious. I was proven correct.

Also, blueberry ale! Now, I like most kinds of beer, a few wheat varieties excepted, but you really can't go wrong with frozen blueberries floating in a lovely brew that tastes faintly of...yup. Blueberries.

Next, we have ketchup chips. As much as I love salty and potatoey junk foods, these were not my favorite things in the world. To someone used to kettle-cooked barbecue potato chips, these didn't quite measure up. And they were sort of purple...

Lastly, Coffee Crisp. A Kit-Kat like candy bar with coffee. And bigger than Kit-Kats. Where could you possibly go wrong?

And on a completely different note, I need to get some skates because I fully plan on being better at skating when I leave than I am now.

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