Monday, January 5, 2009

My fellow Americans...

Some initial observations:

1) Canadians do not say "eh" all that much. At least not here. I've heard it tacked onto the end of sentences a bunch, but it's not like they're spouting off "ehs" with every verbal turn.

2) Sackville has a lot of stuff going on for a tiny town. I know, I'm new, and I'm told I'll get over the "everything's awesome!" honeymoon phase, but there's a lot of stuff crammed within a few square miles here. A movie theater, a drugstore (Pharmacie Jean Coutu--how cute is that?), a bitchin' thrift store complete with skis and rusty ice skates, like 3 or 4 pubs, a hardware store, a tucked-away theater, a diner, and this campus has bjillions of buildings. And if you go to the end of Bridge St. and take a look at the landscape--it's HUGE!

3) When it snows in DC, the students freak out, stare out the window, and speculate for hours about whether or not the next day will be a snow day. When it snows here, no one even blinks. They're telling me that, comparatively, this is not a lot of snow. There is more snow here than I've seen in my lifetime.

4) I've never really even owned a pair of snowboots. Here, I think I'll be wearing them most of the time.

5) It's cold here, so the people make up for it by being a lot warmer, and you'll only be an outsider if you work really really hard at being one.

6) Even the graffiti seems nicer. I saw some yellow paint scrawled on a wall that said "Don't be afraid." And there was one in Moncton that said "Pompous faggot"--not at all friendly, but certainly articulate.

7) Thrift stores freakin' ROCK, especially in countries and provinces where the tax rates make you gasp. I bought a mug for $0.49 today.

8) When I first came to Canada (Quebec City), I thought that Aero chocolate was the coolest thing EVER. It's in the vending machines downstairs, along with some other crazy stuff (i.e. dill pickle flavored chips).

9) Blueberry beer = THE BEST THING EVER. Also Canadians know WAY more about US politics than the other way around (I knew this already, but it really hit home tonight).


  1. 1. Aero chocolate is good -- but you need to try smarties (the Canadian ones, from chocolate).

    2. I've never had dill pickle chips - but ketchup chips are pretty good (and VERY Canadian).

  2. I should be studying for tomorrow's German final (Does listing to German radio count?), but I miss you and your blogging TOO much. Anyway, pictures of MTA's beautiful campus anytime soon? And I LOVE thrift stores, too; shop your heart out for me, and send my love to Nico. love.