Saturday, January 3, 2009

J'suis ici! or...Je suis ici!...or whatever the correct abbreviation would be

So for those of you who know what a nervous twitch I am, you'll also know it's because I'm a HUGE scatterbrain and forget things like it's my life's goal. Every single travel experience I've had over the last several months has been accompanied by some near-disaster that included me losing something (my wallet, my phone, my passport, my boarding pass, my keys) or leaving something behind.

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of 1) Finding all my travel documents and having to keep them together all day, 2) Taking a Super Shuttle to BWI, 3) Bringing along ALL my stuff for an entire semester, 4) Catching a flight at 12:45 to Detroit, 5) Catching a flight from Detroit to Newark with a 42 minute layover while switching airlines, 6) Remembering to exchange currency and having to run between concourses within 25 minutes, 7) Catching a flight into Moncton from Newark.

I know, I was a stupid booking, and I would have been better off flying directly out of Newark. But you live, you learn. Anyway, the many many steps left many many places for disaster to happen. And I was absolutely convinced they were going to lose my luggage, they weren't going to let me through at the border (my passport expires in late June), I was going to lose my wallet, my boarding pass, or my passport, and/or I was going to miss a flight. So I spent the entire day checking and double checking that I had everything. And there was a lot of running around in the airports to make sure I got to where I needed to be on time, so I was a sweaty mess all day. Since I hadn't (haven't) eaten since 10 AM, my hands were also shaking.

In fact, I psyched myself out so badly that when I went to change currency, I was in line and almost had a nervous breakdown because I thought I'd lost my wallet. Turns out it was in my sweatshirt a sweatshirt that I was wearing...

But everything went smoothly. I got to everything on fine, I got through customs OK, I found a taxi, checked into a cheap hotel (I forgot hostels existed, otherwise I would've gone with that route), and I'm sitting here in Moncton too excited and worked up to sleep. I'm here!

And of course, my iPod started playing "God Bless the USA" as we flew into Moncton (God only knows why I have that in my collection)...but the next song on was by Les Cowboys Fringants (which, while a Quebecois group, was better than the previous song choice), so it made up for it...and then I came here, switched on the CBC, and some woman was singing the Star-Spangled Banner...but it was for a hockey game, so I guess that's OK, too...

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