Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thrashing fiddlers

So it's Saturday night and I'm sitting here watching a PBS special. I realize this makes me a massive dork, but really, it's almost worth it for the laughs. Anyone out there familiar with Celtic Woman? It's kind of like a manufactured Irish band made up of overly attractive woman--who, while talented, are mostly about spectacle. The fiddler, for example, plays while jumping up and down and twirling in circles while thrashing about her long blond hair while two men with bodhráins walk around her half-menacingly. And they all twitch their shoulders in time to the music when they sing. Rather overdone...

Oh, good, and now they're singing Danny Boy.

This has nothing to do with Canada, but I figure that not every post on this blog has to...


  1. I actually really like Celtic Woman. Not so much the manufactured part, but they have amazing voices!

  2. Like barrage?
    That's right. Awesome.