Saturday, April 4, 2009


Phone calls to the States from my land line: Impossible.

Phone calls to the States from my cell phone: $0.57 a minute.

Having someone call you from Pennsylvania for a lovely and rather long conversation: Priceless.

Price of that phone call: $60.

His confusion about the listing of "New Brunswick" on the phone bill then realizing that "Canada isn't just called Canada everywhere up there": Even more priceless than the phone call...

Price of that phone call after explaining confusion to phone company: $30.

(Sorry, J. I had to share.)

Also...another gem by Kate Nash. Because everyone has been through this at least once in their lives, and the way she describes it is HILARIOUS.


  1. The funniest part was that no one in my family, including me for about 2 minutes, knew where the hell New Brunswick was... (My mom was asking everyone in my family if they had made a long distance call there individually and know one knew.)

    I'm glad I could be a part of one of your blogs but no more calls until you are back in America!

  2. See, I figured that calling me from your cell phone wouldn't have cost you as much...I'm sorry...I really didn't realize you'd get zapped with long distance charges...but it was good to be able to talk to you, regardless!