Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slightly hilarious conversation

Coming out of the Old Post Office this evening (our bike shop is right next door), I got stopped by 2 security guards who were just saying hey--they make an effort to get to know everyone in the shop. Security Guard 1 was asking about my cooking skills, and I happened to mention how I usually just cook for myself...

Security Guard 2: You got a boyfriend?

Me: Nah.

SG2: That's good, that's good. You'll get a lot further with that mentality...doing what you want, going where you want.

Me: Ha, I guess so. Though I was thinking of a getting a fish. You know, I can't have a dog in my apartment, so it'd be a good companion.

SG2: You know, a fish can't hold you at night.

Me: ...a really big fish could...

SG2: You scuba dive?

Me (really confused as to why he is asking me this): Um, no? But maybe I should learn so I can go cuddle with the sharks.

SG2: *laughs*

Security Guard 1: All right, I don't know where that came from, but I gotta go check something in the back...*walks away, chuckling at something about sharks*

Awkward? Yeah. Great end to the day? Yup.

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