Saturday, March 7, 2009

Canadian moment of the day

I was talking with two friends--a girl and a guy--in meal hall today...

Me: "Yeah, my roommate and I pretty much live on Cheez-Its, Rice-A-Roni, Oreos, Cheetos...oh, yeah, and pretzel rods." (I have included a link to an image for anyone wondering what the hell a pretzel rod is.)

Them: "Pretzel rods?" *incredulous looks from both of them*

Me: "Yeah, they're like long pretzels."

Them: "Wait, so like breadsticks?"

Me: " Take a pretzel. Now just turn it into a longer version of that." *motions with hands*

Them: "Oh! Like those things in party mix."

Me: "Yeah, sort of. But bigger."

Then a conversation ensued about the Smarties v. Rockets issue. (For my American readers: Canadians call our Smarties "Rockets." Their Smarties are little chocolate candies--click on the link. For my Canadian readers: Yes, we call your Rockets "Smarties." But in my opinion, your Smarties are kind of gross. No offense.)

Her: "So what do you call Smarties?"

Me: "We don't have them."


Other girl sitting next to me listening to this whole conversation: "So...I take it you're from the States."

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  1. even though they're not the same colour, M&M's are essentially the same as Smarties (hannah says: but better!). no need to be racist.