Monday, March 2, 2009

For my Canadian friends

Below is an excerpt from the DC Alert system--one of six that landed in my inbox due to the snowstorm they had last night.

"(Washington, D.C.) - Weather forecasters are predicting an additional possible 2" of snow entering the District through the morning rush hour. District crews have been treating and plowing roads since Sunday afternoon and will continue as this next band of snow moves through the region. Currently, the District Snow Team has over 200 pieces of equipment deployed including heavy and light plows and sprayer trucks.

District of Columbia Public Schools open two hours late today. The District Government is open. Liberal leave policy is in effect for employees.

Commuters and residents are advised to use Metro. Updated information on Metro rail and bus service is available at

Motorists and pedestrians should anticipate minor delays due to slow moving traffic during the morning rush hour. Please proceed with caution and provide for ample time to arrive at destinations.

High gusts of wind up to 25 mph in addition to below freezing temperatures are predicted and motorists and pedestrians are cautioned to be aware of possible icy conditions.

Residents are reminded to please clear their sidewalks, to shovel slush or snow and to assist disabled or elderly neighbors by helping to clear their steps and walkways. Also, please help and clear catch basins and fire hydrants.

Please do not put snow in the street. Put all cleared snow, from parked cars and sidewalks, in the "tree box," front yard, or between the curb and sidewalk."

Thought you might get a giggle out of that.

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  1. awesome!! this makes me wish i still got those alerts...