Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness, indeed.

Wow. So this is the first year I've ever bothered filling out an NCAA bracket. I think I've got Michigan State slotted to win. I dunno. I just filled it out so that American would end up playing Duke, which I would find...kind of cool. Because, y'know, they're really good and stuff...

I wonder if the people who are all hard-core about college basketball actually know anything about the teams or if they just pick blindly, then proceed to defend their own National Champion with twisted/made-up statistics and other silly basketball lingo, which, if strung together quickly into a sentence, will safely be interpreted by NO ONE.

I've always been scared of hard-core sports fans because I assume they know whatever they're screaming their purple, enraged faces off about. It's only occurred to me recently how hard it is to keep track of one league, let alone the whole damn national championships. Therefore...I think much of the hullabaloo is bullshit.

Loyal faith has always been my route. And cheering for the person that not everybody else likes. So I love American University (well, actually, I don't--they often make me want to throw things against brick walls...like the fact that they're charging students $75 a ticket to go from DC to Philly when last year was $50 to go from DC to Alabama...way to price gouge, AU Athletics!!! It's like "Oh, look, they like us now. Let's milk THIS for all it's worth because we need to make money while we can!" Let's screw students over in a time of economic crisis because they're not already paying enough! What's going to be next, charging us for games?)

Ehm...where was I? Oh yes. I will cheer on AU until I myself am enraged and purple because they're my team. And also because they're 14th. And no one expects them to win. And also because they're playing Villanova, which is a Philadelphia area team. And we know how much I love Philadelphia sports fans and YES, I will gladly generalize that to include all college teams even kind of in that area. Which explains why I'm also rooting for ASU before Temple. As much as I hate Phoenix, I hate downtown Philadelphia more.

Last year, while watching a basketball game and playing beer pong with some friends, I rooted for Kansas because 1) their uniforms were nicer colors and 2) they were playing UNC (I think; I could be remembering this completely incorrectly), who everyone expected to win.

This is all to say...selections for teams are completely arbitrary. At least for me. And I bet the fat dude with the beer screaming things at the ref that no one else understands is being just as arbitrary and emotional as I am.

I am no longer intimidated by sports fans.


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