Monday, March 16, 2009

The dangers of waxing poetic about inanimate objects

You all remember my earlier struggle to find a pair of boots? Well, to bring that discussion to a close...

I found a pair of boots here. They're my favourite, even though they're old and worn. They certainly have their flaws--a scratch on the toe, some colour (I'm going with Canadian spellings here) worn off around the edges, they smell a little musty--but I like them.

I've thought about getting another pair to replace them (they let in some water when it rains), but nothing else is quite as warm, quite as comfortable, or works as well with most of my clothing choices. And all the new pairs that I'm looking at online are just way too difficult to ship to Canada, and I know they'd end up completely falling apart at the end of a season. These are holding together very nicely, and why bother going to all that trouble for a new pair when these are sitting right here?

Yeah, sure, they require a bit of maintenance. They need some super glue around the toes once in a rare while, but I figure it's worth the little bit of effort.

What's funny about these boots is that I wasn't expecting to find them. I had been looking for boots, yes, but they were all too glitzy--high-heeled, or made of patent leather, or way too expensive, or those run-of-the-mill Uggs that everyone and their mother seems to own. I didn't like any of the pairs I looked at or tried to wear sometimes, I guess, but really not worth it.

These boots, on the other hand, don't ask for much attention--they are black, plain, and flat-soled. They've got some decoration on the sides, though, and the general shape is very nice if you take another look at them. I found them in the back of a thrift shop sitting quietly amidst a pile of other shoes. A tight squeeze to get my foot through the top part at first, but the leather has since stretched a bit...and they fit perfectly.

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