Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to dress for a Canadian winter and not freeze your ass off (at least in the Maritimes)

1) DO NOT (do not do not do not) wear canvas sneakers in the snow. Especially when that snow is melting and it's misting, so your feet get wet and freeze and you have to bum socks and really expensive hiking boots off your friend (who, fortunately, has not disowned you for being such a dumbass).

2) You can't just chuck on a jacket and head out the door. Especially when it's -15. Bring along (and preferably wear) your mittens, toque, and scarf.

3) Do NOT cheapen up on fabric choices. Wool is warm. Cotton is not. Base layers or long johns are a good idea for when it gets really chilly.

4) Don't worry about looking stupid or wearing something that might be out of fashion. You're in Atlantic Canada. In the winter time. No one cares, and no one's looking. Snowboots at a concert are perfectly acceptable and ugly sweaters are hip.

5) On that note, winter gear can actually be cute. Canadian girls know how to wear scarves and toques.

6) Girls who regularly wear high-heeled winter boots are not stylish and trendy--they are morons. Ever try to walk on a patch of ice with your heels elevated several centimeters above your toes with next to no traction? Yeah, I didn't think so.

7) Two words: WOOL SOCKS. (I recommend SmartWool...I borrowed a friend's pair when we went skiing, and they're warm and comfy and keep your feet dry. Expensive as hell, but worth it--I have a lovely green pair now.) Wool socks over tights with a pair of snowboots? You couldn't possibly look more Canadian.

8) Mittens. Double-layered. Not gloves. Trust me on this one.

9) Uggs still look silly (those of you who read my previous blog know my deep and undying love for them), but apparently they're warm. I would like to point out, however, that they're not waterproof. I must say, it's rather refreshing to see them salt-stained and if they're being used for their original purpose as boots and not pristine suede fashion accessories...

10) Have more clothes then you think you're going to need. The weather changes its mind like a girl changes clothes (thank you, Katy Perry, for that little quip), so you may end up wearing them. If not, you can always lend them to your idiot friends who like to wear canvas snakers through slush.

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