Friday, March 20, 2009

The type of airport where you don't have to take off your shoes in security (no, really)

Why am I writing a blog at 5 AM, you ask? Well, I'm at the Moncton Airport (which consists of a few rather large rooms) after getting 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night and was convinced that I was flying Continental. Went to go check in at the Continental ticket counter, and they politely informed me that there was no "Cannon" on their flight.

Oh...shoot. Well, there go my sister's plans to have a maid of honour actually at the ceremony.

So I paid $7.80 to log in and check my email...which informed me that I was flying Air Canada. Continental's on the way back. Right. I suppose I could've spared myself the expense and just tried the other two ticket counters, seeing as there are exactly three airlines that fly out of Moncton.

So...note to self in the future...print out the itinerary. They're not kidding when they tell you that.

Though as I was standing in line for Continental, the man in front of me struck up a conversation (they do that; they're human here). He was Irish. Yes, with a brogue. And in the lobster business (he told me this when one of his competitors walked in and waved to him). Heading off to Vegas with some friends. And as I walked to security, d'you know what I saw? No, not a McDonald's or a Tim Horton's or any of those quick 'n dirty places you always see in airports. I saw a seafood place. And not the fast food fried kind of seafood. The sort of place that sells lobsters on ice. I guess that's just in case you want to bring a crustacean along for the ride--for people with Little Mermaid complexes, I suppose.

And the other thing? Airport employees are really nice. Even when idiot American college students are checking in with the wrong airline, and even when idiot American college students (who are proficient in French) are so tired they can't do anything but stare at the guy in security who asks "Tu parles francais?" which they learned in the first week of French class...

No better place to have a harrowing airport experience than the Maritimes. Because, really, the mere fact that you're in the Maritimes will prevent it from being at all stressful. The people are just that pleasant.

I love Atlantic Canada.


  1. HAHAHAHA... your hilarious! I hope you got there safe and sound.

    Atlantic Canada loves you!!

  2. Aww that is a cute post. I hope you have a safe trip home! You should have brought some lobsters home with you! I bet your sister would have loved having you stand next to her, eau D'hommard and all.