Thursday, March 19, 2009

Question and random thoughts

Why is it the Toronto Maple Leafs? And not the Toronto Maple Leaves? Isn't "leaves" the plural of "leaf"? Is it a grammatical thing? Because otherwise it would be a Toronto maple tree in the process of leaving?

Eagles v. Villanova at the Wachovia Centre in Philadelphia tonight. Just in case I haven't said this enough--Go Eagles!

Also...I miss the days when I didn't feel immediately compelled to let everyone know what was going on in my life at every moment in time. Or when I didn't feel entitled to know everyone else's business, too. Twitter is the next big thing on the scene, it seems, and Facebook now wants to be like Twitter. I buy into it all (2 blogs, a Facebook, and now a Twitter account), but I just don't get why I do...

And in the unofficial rules of online social decorum...I think one that stipulates to NOT CREATE FAN CLUBS FOR YOURSELF ON FACEBOOK ought to be towards the top.

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